Brushcutters and Trimmers

OTM supply high quality brushcutters and line trimmers designed by ECHO and OLEO-MAC.

ECHO Brushcutters and Line Trimmers

ECHO pioneered the petrol-powered brushcutter over 50 years ago and remains a leading innovator of low vibration, high torque brushcutters and line trimmers.

The ECHO brushcutters  are used to suit all needs, from gardeners, HomePro’s, landowners and professionals and don’t forget all products can be used for domestic or commercial application all with industry leading warranties – that’s how good they are!


Models available:

  • ECHO ESR2300L Line Trimmer
  • ECHO ESR2300U Line Trimmer
  • ECHO GT22GES Line Trimmer
  • ECHO SRM22GES Brushcutter
  • ECHO SRM236ESL Brushcutter
  • ECHO SRM265TESL Brushcutter
  • ECHO SRM265TESU Brushcutter
  • ECHO SRM300TESL Brushcutter
  • ECHO SRM300TESU Brushcutter
  • ECHO SRM335TESL Brushcutter
  • ECHO SRM335TESU Brushcutter
  • ECHO SRM420TESL Brushcutter
  • ECHO SRM420TESU Brushcutter
  • ECHO SRM520ESU Brushcutter


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OLEO-MAC Brushcutters and Line Trimmers

Following are the models available –

746T, 755 MASTER, BC 22S, BC 22 T, BC 24 S, BC 24 T, BC 280 S, BC 280 T, BC 320 S, BC 320 T, BC 350 S, BC350 T, BC3604 T, BC 420 T, EH 24, EH 48, EH 50, EP 120, SPARTA 25, SPARTA 38, SPARTA 380 S, SPARTA 44, SPARTA 440 S

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