Hydraulic Tip Trailer

The Agtrailer Tip Trailer range are hydraulically tipped flat deck trailers with detachable sides and spreader tailgate. The tailgate is usually hydraulically tripped for accurate starts when spreading gravel on tracks.

The Agtrailer triangular chassis offers impresive strength to weight ratios and manages stress to resist fatigue and metal fatigue. The floor of the trailer is made of 32mm h3 Pine or 3-6mm corten steel.

With a reputation for performing well, with low maintenance input, these designs are backed up by 65 years of successful trailer manufacturing in New Zealand.

6 Tonne Hydraulic Trailer


8 Tonne Hydraulic Trailer


10 Tonne Hydraulic Trailer



  • Modular-Design
  • ‘Drop-Down’ Sides
  • Accurate Spreads
  • Anti-Corrosive
  • Manoeuvrable
  • Heavy-Duty



  • Deck Extension
  • Hydraulic Brakes
  • Swivel tow Eye
  • LED Rear Lighting
  • Hydraulic Latching Tailgate
  • Additional Galvinising



Timber is 35mm Shiplap Timber. Corten Steel Deck is 4-6mm thick upon requirements.

3 tonne 5 tonne 6 tonne 8 tonne 10 tonne 12 tonne 16 tonne
Axle Single Single Tandem Tandem Tandem Tandem Tandem
Dimensions 2.7 x 2.3m 3.3 x 2.4m 3.6 x 2.4m 4.2 x 2.4m 4.2 x 2.45m 5.0 x 2.5m 5.5 x 2.5m
Tyres 11.5 x 15.3 11.5 x 15.3 11.5 x 15.3 400/60-15.5 15/70×18 On Request On Request
Deck Timber Timber Timber Timber Corten Steel Corten Steel Corten Steel

* CIL Machinery also build and repair truck and trailer decks to NZTA Road Transport standards. If you require a custom build we are happy to assist with design and construction specific for you.