Hooper Machinery

Agricultural Products by Hooper Machinery

Hooper Machinery has been manufacturing its range of cultivation equipment and farm machinery in New Zealand for more than 85 years. The range consists of large wheel controlled disc harrows, trailed (bush and bog) disc harrows, chain and covering harrows, cultivators and subsoilers. OTM Proud to sell products of Hooper machinery to all New Zealanders. We sell following products –


OTM offers Disc Harrows designed by Hooper Machinery for primary and secondary tillage and cultivation under all types of New Zealand farming conditions.  The range includes offset, tandem, heavy duty and giant disc machines, all with the many unique Hooper features and manufactured to the highest standards.

The range of blades available for these machines is immense – plain, scalloped, lobed and fluted, and in sizes from 450mm (18 inches) to 801mm (32inches) in diameter.  Prices vary depending on configuration.

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Chain Harrows

OTM offers Hooper chain-harrow range that has been proven over 60 years to give an even ground coverage and prepare fine, level seedbeds.  All chain harrows feature rotating rings, spiked links and drawbars, and are available in 12mm and 16mm steel.  Heavier harrows are made in 20mm and 24mm material.

Types available include smaller harrows for general farmwork up to models for heavy land development. Harrows range in size from 1.5m (5ft) wide through to 4.27m (14ft).  Other popular models include covering and contractors’ harrows.

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Cultivators & Subsoilers

The Hooper #204 range of Flexitine cultivators provides excellent seedbed preparation, weed control, stubble mulching and land-levelling capabilities. Heavy-duty 12mm S-type tines are the key to perfect high-speed performance.

Standard cultivators are available in widths from 1.8 (6ft) to 3.65m (2ft).  Hoopers’ folding Triflex cultivator comes in widths from 4.2m (14ft) to 6.3m (20ft).

The Hooper subsoiler is widely used for pan breaking, root pruning and pipe laying, and has an optional mole plough pipe-laying attachment.

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